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What to Look for in CBD Products

When selecting the best CBD products for your lifestyle, it’s important to look for formulas that include the best ingredients.

The ABC’s of MCT’s

Keep an eye out for medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) like coconut oil. Medium-chain triglycerides are important because they’re excellent, fat-soluble carriers and help to aid your body in nutrient absorption.

MCTs are also great carriers because they’re easily burned by the body for energy. They even assist in promoting brain health and digestion while keeping inflammation and obesity at bay. And the benefits don’t stop there. MCTs even help fight bacteria and viruses within the human body.

Hemp That’s Truly Premium

Of course, the best CBD products are derived from the best aerial parts, also known as hemp extract or CBD. Why are these called aerial parts? Because cannabidiol compounds – the ingredients that go into CBD, are made from the parts of the plant exposed to the air. If a product is made with hemp oil (or hemp seed oil, as it’s often referred to), beware. Hemp oil is pressed from hemp seeds and does not contain CBD.

It’s also important to purchase products made with healthy, nutritional ingredients like natural spices, herbs and essential oils. Because we believe in transparency and the quality of our products, we list each of our ingredients clearly and separately. Check them out here.

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